About Us


Founded in 2013, Appadydus is a growing music production company that offers high-quality and innovative services. Although we started off in Richmond, VA, we are now based in Atlanta, GA and have formed a formidable partnership with Spadydus LLC publishing company to offer our clients better services.

As we create a great partnership with experienced and high talented artists and musicians, our sole aim is to license, compose, create, write, distribute, sell, and arrange original organic music and merchandise. We are here to bring music to life with our expertise. We offer everyone the opportunity to get stimulated, educated, and inspired through an unsurpassed music experience.

Due to our partnership with several companies, we have access to the best music recording studios in Atlanta, GA and other places around the US. Therefore, we take advantage of the most advanced technology available in the world today to work with great musicians who have the expertise to use the right rhythm, tone, and dynamics to produce the best music. From phasing music to adding space, timing, feel, and emotions, we go above and beyond to add love to any music.
At Appadydus, we will never relent until we have served your Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul with the best music because we believe that music itself is Life

Our Services

We are a small team of professionals whose main goals are to produce and record music for different experienced and talented musicians. We have all the tools needed to give your music the all-important exposure it lacks; therefore, we are the best team you can trust when it comes to enjoying the best services from a reputable music production company.

Having worked with several musicians and artists in the past, we have a wealth of experience and unrivaled expertise your music experience deserves. Our music recording and production are done in state-of-the-art studios in Atlanta, GA and many other places in the United States. Our partnership are tailored towards improving your music experience; therefore, get in touch with us now to get maximum satisfaction from your music.
Our esteemed services at Appadydus include:

Our music licensing services are aimed at ensuring that you are well compensated for your music efforts. Since we have been doing this for several years, we provide well-doctored licensing for your music.
Composition, creation, and writing of music
To ensure the originality of music, we are dedicated to offering highly specialized music composition services to our clients. We stimulate the inspiration that produces the right lyrics, bringing the best out of every musician. Our service goes beyond the composition of music; we assist with the creation and writing of music.
Distributions and sales of music
Excellent distribution and sales of music can never be overlooked as they are sometimes the backbones of compensations of the efforts of musicians and artists. Without the assistance of the right team, your music may not achieve the desired levels of sales and distributions. Our professionals who are in charge of sales and distributions of music are at your beck and call to ensure your music gets to the right places.
Apart from the financial benefits of sales and distributions of music, our services are also bound to give you the exposure you need as more people get to know about your music. Our services showcase your talent to the world through our unparalleled continuous efforts.
Getting Started
Are in you in need of a reliable music production company to record or produce your music? Would you like to get started with us now? Contact us now at Appadydus and experience our magnificent music production services. We promise to help you through the entire process of licensing, composing, creating, writing, arranging, distributing, and selling your music.
Arrangement of music
Even after composing, creating, and writing the best music, there is still a lot left to be done to enliven the music and give people what they would love to listen to. At Appadydus, we understand the essence of arranging music, and we are always here to offer you the most impeccable services imaginable. Whether to put in the right rhythm, tone, and dynamics or phase music, add space, and timing, we take our music to the next level with a top-notch arrangement. Without a doubt, our cutting edge arrangement of music will improve the listening experience of everybody.

Why Use Our Services at Appadydus?

Our wealth of experience
Our professionals at Appadydus have been working in this field for many years; therefore, using our services offers you a chance to gain from their experience.
Our industry-leading service delivery
Excellence is the hallmark of our services. We will never stop working with you until we are certain you are fully satisfied with our services.
Our excellent partnership with other companies
We understand that no man is an island; therefore, we have formed an excellent partnership with other important companies to offer our clients the best services. Through our partnership, the best recording equipment and studios within and outside Atlanta are within your reach.
Our unwavering transparency
While working with us, we allow you get detailed information about all the process because we believe in transparency. Right from the moment of contacting us to the time you are fully satisfied with our services, you will enjoy distinctive openness in all our dealings.
Our unwavering transparency
While working with us, we allow you get detailed information about all the process because we believe in transparency. Right from the moment of contacting us to the time you are fully satisfied with our services, you will enjoy distinctive openness in all our dealings.
Our highly responsive customer service
We acknowledge that you might need our services at any time; hence, we are always ready to respond to your needs whenever you need our help.
Our competitive pricing
Whatever service you want us to offer you, you can be certain that you will enjoy competitive pricing which will benefit you in several ways.